The Hanagi Experience has arrived in America

The creators of Hanagi Sapporo and Hanagi Guam have finally brought the original Hanagi experience to America. And you’ll find it only at the Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel.   Arrive ready to indulge your appetite and curiosity on a special food adventure where authentic cuisine meets a magical experience. Where every dish is as much the chef’s personal expression as it is a cut of fish or meat. And every bite inspires the imagination.

picture of Hanagi Food Sampler

Sit back, relax and experience one of Chef Hiro’s incredible culinarycreations. Or become a culinary co-creator with the interactive hot pot and sushi bar. Whichever you decide, come prepared for culinary enchantment.






Teriyaki Chicken with Vegetables bowl
picture of full japanese food dinner with sashimi and miso soup
picture of salmon sushi
Image of Chef Hiro from Tokyo, Japan showing an example of his food
Chopstick and food plate overlay graphic

Introducing Chef Hiro

Master of Fine Japanese Cuisine

He travelled across the Pacific, all the way from Tokyo guided by a singular goal: Bring the magical Hanagi Experience to the shores of America. And now, Chef Hiro’s culinary masterpieces are yours to enjoy. Every dish is seasoned with years of a perfected craft, refined by culinary creativity, and honed by a trained, patient love for authentic Japanese cuisine.

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Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel

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